Shawn Dang | CEO

With a Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the University of Waterloo, Shawn Dang entered the finance industry as a Financial Consultant and Field Trainer with Investors Group, creating, managing and influencing wealth for over 100 families. He took on a more senior role when he became a Private Wealth Consultant with Manulife Private Wealth servicing High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and companies to mitigate capital market risks through portfolio diversification .  Shawn's role increased further when he became the Director of Sales at Arrow Capital Management providing hedge fund solutions and advice to over 400 brokers and planners in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  He was responsible for managing and raising in excess of $150m during his wealth management tenure. 

Understanding that cannabis would be an opportunity of a lifetime, he carefully assessed the risk and opportunity of venturing into an exciting and challenging market to join start-up MMJ Canada as Consultant in early 2016.  Starting with an unstructured business of 3 shops with 30 employees and cash-only transactions, Shawn made it his mandate to overhaul MMJ by the end of the year by modernizing and systemizing its workflow and operations.  His first step was to create departments and roles to ensure that resources were being deployed and tracked properly.  The first department he created was Human Resources followed by Accounting, Banking, Administration, Business Development and Supply Chain Management along with implementing several new record keeping systems for internal control and audit purposes.  He recruited senior qualified professionals to fill the roles of these specific departments.  During his tenure at MMJ a total of 16 shops were built creating over 200 job opportunities for Canadians.  Shawn's influence with several municipalities and thorough business planning ultimately landed MMJ licenses to operate retail cannabis in several cities in Canada.

Shawn is responsible for the direction of Aryon Corporation and for making risk calculated decisions to benefit customers and shareholders.