Huong Nguyen | Creative Director

Our largest personality and most creatively driven executive team member is Huong Nguyen.  Her personality and strong character add stability and fresh insight to all Retail operations but Huong’s specialty is in creative implementation.  Huong leads by example and always looks for new ways to communicate to consumers.  

With over 10 years in the customer service industry and cosmetics, Huong is committed to making sure guests have an unforgettable experience.  She has worked for international brands building VIP clientele with: Lancome, YSL, Holt Renfrew, and Laura Mercier!  Our CCO has a diploma in Hospitality Management and can often be found planning events, fashion shows, and fundraisers for various charitable organizations.  Retail branding and store layout is largely influenced by Huong and her previous experience in the cosmetics industry.  She is able to find the common denominator in consumers‘ wants and needs for both premium and standardized products. She creates customer value through her unique perspective and insights.  

Cannabis is important to Huong because as a mother she sees the potential for future generations to realize a society that is less dependent on big pharma therapies for many of the illnesses and conditions that cannabis can treat.  Her attention to detail in branding is fueled by her dream to see safe access to cannabis in a fun and friendly environment that is supported by education and customer service.  Huong is passionate about our product line and is directly involved in our retail concept and employee customer service training.

Creative and clever!  Our Retail operation is proud to have our Co-Founder in the Chief Creative position and know her contribution will continue to make our team stronger and our brand national!