Bruce Leitch | Advisor


Mr. Leitch has extensive experience with consumer products companies, and is well versed in all aspects of branding, marketing, cross marketing through strategic relationships, interacting with advertising agencies to create highly focused and effective sales campaigns, along with being very conversant in wholesale distribution networks, logistics, managing multiple channels of product distribution and supply chain management. Mr. Leitch has taken several companies from insolvency and has successfully altered the corporate culture to both repurpose and refocus the company’s key brands market position through more effective and profitable volume based sales and distribution strategies. Mr. Leitch has successfully worked with Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, McClane Corp. (7-11), Walgreens, CVC, Southern Wine and Spirits, Kroger’s, Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Von’s, Seagram’s along with numerous other multi-unit chains. Mr. Leitch also successfully procured one of the largest contract packing agreements in the beverage industry.

Mr. Leitch has extensive experience in the capital markets and the securities industry, having worked for several major financial services institutions (Merrill Lynch/Pemberton Securities), as well as serving as a Managing Partner in his own venture capital firm in Southern California with a particular investment emphasis on start-up technology companies. Mr. Leitch has been an officer, director and principal of several public and private companies, and is conversant in all aspects of regulatory and reporting requirements, issues pertaining to corporate governance, corporate restructuring initiatives, securities law and filings, public company audit procedures, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and the raising of capital for the purposes of financing early stage growth companies. Mr. Leitch has developed a particular expertise through consulting arrangements and providing corporate finance guidance to companies involved in the consumer products, technology and hospitality fields.